Our Services

Website Development and Content

Knife Fork Connect has established relationships with web developers who understand the importance of an easy to navigate website. We ask questions and listen to fully understand your business and its customers and create a blueprint of every page of your website. We love to create content to tell your story in a clean simple manner that is easily viewable on all devices. We walk you through the development of your site and will be there for any and all updates as they occur. We create strong content that will tell your story to your customers in an impactful and engaging manner.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Whether you are a new business, a business looking to expand to new markets, or in the need of a refresh, the team at Knife Fork Connect can help you understand your brand and communicate it both internally and externally. We assist you in creating consistent messaging so that all members of your team speak with the same voice reinforcing your organization?s values and standards and your customers have a deeper understanding of who you are and what you do.

Media Relations

We work directly with you to create unique stories and bring them to the right media outlets to tell them. The team at Knife Fork Connect maintains strong personal relationships with the key players in both our local and national media. We know how to craft stories that will set you apart from your competitors and we can direct that story to the person in the best position to tell it. We help you to navigate the media market place to create consistent editorial coverage and word of mouth.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and social media are critical tools in reaching your current and future customers. Social media marketing is continually progressing and adapting, becoming a powerful online marketing resource for companies and brands. Drive more engagement and conversions with custom email marketing that will make your customers look forward to receiving your emails. Our experts can help you strategize, plan, and execute email and social media campaigns that align with and reinforce your overall business goals.

Community Marketing

Defining a businesses community is different for every business and industry. At its core, your company?s community is its customers. Knowing who they are and what they care about is critical to creating meaningful events and strategic partnerships with mutually beneficial results. Being an active and engaged member of your community creates much more than goodwill; it creates customers that feel good about patronizing your business and are eager to share your story.

Influencer Engagement

We interact with social media influencers with a variety of expertise and leverage these interactions by getting your brand/business in front of them in a meaningful way. In turn, they spread the word about you and your business to their targeted following creating brand ambassadors across all social media channels.